How Would You Feel If You...

Had More Clarity & Focus
 Less Self-Doubt & Fear

Do You Fear It Is Only You That Struggles?

EFT Tapping Released Me From Anxiety & Overwhelm

Feeling fear, self doubt, anxiety or overwhelm can be such a lonely place.
I know I have been there.

I still do get stuck and overwhelmed at times, but it is so good have a tool to my fingertips and good friends on the journey to remind me to use them.

I bet you are great at what you do. In fact I would bet you are even better at it and help people in ways you don't realise.

We all doubt our abilities at times. The trick is to be able to hear our fears. To turn and look at them rather than run from them. 

You Are No Longer Alone!

I am blessed to have a growing community of like minded women.
To have made so many wonderful connections with fabulous people, just like yourself.
It is through these connections that we all grown on our own journey and am I blessed to be considered a guide to so many.

If you are struggling, blocked or are stuck then read on my friend.
I have so many tricks up my sleeve to help.

We Can Fix This...Together

Take Back Control

The most important part of your onward journey is the commitment you make to yourself.
I don't want anything to get in the way of this, especially money.

So I am committed to giving away the tools you need for FREE.
I don't want anything to stand in your way of giving this life changing
 Inner Work a go.

When you join our Facebook Group you will have instant access to
A Full Mini Video Training on using EFT effectively.

A Super Amazing short cut to EFT that released me from chronic anxiety.
A Roadmap to your onward Journey
Access to me and other like minded peeps.

Come join our Tapping Tribe

Join Our VIP Diamond Membership

If you are like me and most other people, you need company, guidance
and encouragement.
This again isn't about huge money, just enough skin in the game to make you turn up.
Consider this as Tapping Gym membership.
It is jam packed with value. 

One 2 One Sessions

My passion is to help, guide and encourage you to understand yourself and feel more resilient and empowered.

Along our Journey we all need a helping hand at times when we hit a sticky patch and feel stuck or extra overwhelmed.

Or maybe you have a particular issue such a business block, phobia,  money block or even physical pain that is getting in your way.

These EFT sessions have shifted hundreds of people.
I do not insist on set packages or number of sessions.
Instead you are welcome to a free call for 20 mins and we can discuss your needs with no pressure.

Please contact me on Messenger or WhatsApp using the Buttons below or use the contact form at the bottom of the page.

I look forward to hearing from you.

 "I have been having one-to-one sessions with Kay and can't recommend her enough.

She has such a kind and understanding manner that you instantly feel at ease.

  Due to the pandemic, I was faced with the challenge of moving my business online and I was very daunted with this.

 I needed to very quickly learn to do online scheduling. Kay was, there to help me through it.  Kay has given me the confidence to put up my prices.

I had a lot of anxiety about it but through a tapping session, I  could see things more clearly with the fear lessened.  

Tapping has an amazing way of making you so relaxed even when you're really stressed out.    I feel more confident now to move forward with my business with the tapping skills that I have learned in these sessions.

Claire Mc Daniel
Flute & Clarinet Teacher

 " I’m cured!!

Lol well nearly but seriously I can’t believe the progress I’ve made from being a petrified screaming wreak about spiders to now calmly being about to see one and get rid of it or get my husband without having a fit about it

 I had a huge one today and the difference on how I handled it was like I was a different person.

It’s worked!!! So well, I’m pretty astounded to be honest. But if this can continue then it’s given me so much peace back into my life! Yay!

Can’t say I love them or anything but just being able to have the calm feeling makes a massive difference in how I can go through life now.

Emma Whalley
Social Media Strategist

 "I have been working with Kay using EFT for around 6 months so far and it’s been a fantastic experience.

 I feel like I connected with Kay as soon as we met on Zoom for the first time and she made me feel very relaxed and comfortable.

Kay is both a great listener and communicator and she will always take time at the beginning of a session to understand where I am at and what it is I am needing to clear and heal.  

Once she has that information she will then intuitively guide me through the healing journey of EFT and it comes so naturally to her.

It’s always a powerful journey to go on and Kay is an experienced guide and passionate about her work with EFT and this completely shines through.  

I highly recommend working with her to release stuck traumatic energy blockages to create more internal freedom and peace.  

Tom C
Yoga Instructor

"Tapping, and The 30 Second Reset has helped my mental health and helped me heal a lot of personal blocks around burning out. Without this work I wouldn’t probably be in this point in my business that I am building, getting training and putting myself out there. I use the 30 Second Reset in the morning & during the day. If I have a task to do, and I notice that I am making excuses, I do a re-set. This typically is enough to make a start on a task and usually when I get into the flow I get the job done and find it overall lighter and easier than I thought it would be.
Henna Bostrom

Gluten-Free Life Tweaks

"Having been taught the 30 Second Reset by Kay as part of a workshop on the benefits of tapping, I can say this is my go-to exercise when I am feeling anxious and overwhelmed. It really helps me to focus and stop erratic thoughts taking over. It helps me to feel grounded and more able to make decisions from a calmer place. it reminds me to be just in the moment and that is all I need to do at that moment. It reminds me that my brain is just jumping up and down warning me of what could happen based on past experiences but that might not happen again "

Julie Flora

Clinical Aromatherapist

Kay Ash-Lee

I am Kay Ash-Lee,  an advanced Emotional Freedom Technique practitioner from the South Coast of England.

This simple tool has never ceased to amaze me with its power to transform.   My passion is to teach you how to use this & other tools for yourself so you can feel more confident to manage your emotions and begin to clear the blocks that are keeping you stuck and not achieving those dreams and goals.  

My dream is to help thousands of people like you, to get out of the overwhelm and negative beliefs that are getting in your way to being fully YOU in your life and business.  This comes from a lifetime of finding ways to help myself with anxiety, bouts of depression and panic.  

Along the way I have also trained as a Meditation Teacher, a Reiki Master and in Human Design. I love Yoga and being out in nature, preferably in the sunshine.