Only $22 a month 

Being a Solopreneur is The Best...but

Well hello fellow Solopreneur...I am so happy you are here
Working for yourself, being in charge of what you do, your hours, your pace of life is Freedom to me.
I love making my own rules, and a bit of a rebel at heart.
I became fully self employed over 30 years ago and didn't look back.
BUT there were things I found tough.
Not having anyone to pass the buck up to or ask advice of.
Having to deal with creating & then charging my prices
Making decisions and managing client expectations.
Learning to say No and stand my ground when needed.

It was a very steep learning curve and after one year Life gave me the biggest lesson, and I burnt out.
Why did I burn out?
Because I didn't have the confidence to say no,
I felt that if I didn't say yes to everything I wouldnt have enough work,
I didn't set regular time off as a priority.
I wasn't being the real ME...I was just being what I thought everyone else needed me to be.

I deepest wish is to smooth your path to fabulous success and happiness.

Yes it can be hard, but it doesn't have to be...

I will bet that you are great at what you do!!
But you're the worlds best kept secret.

I also will guess you have an inner passion and desire 
to make this world a better place.
You dream about where you will be one day.
The World Needs What You Do.

But you are not where you would like to be.. 
And it has been harder to get here that you would like

You want to take more action...
Feel a deep belief in yourself.
Step forward fearlessly, with confidence.

But it feels hard.
You procrastinate
Put things off
Get foggy headed
Do too many other trainings
Get into Self Doubt.
& Tell Yourself it'll feel easier tomorrow.

You would love to feel clearer headed
Calmer and confident...
Guess What??

You Are Not Alone... We Are All Like This !
It takes some courage to admit how we feel
but once we  acknowledge where we are, then we truly start on our
Journey to Inner Emotional Freedom!

So Beautiful Change Maker... Let's Do This Together 

One of the greatest things I missed was having colleagues.
People to chat to, share challenges with, moan to, have fun with.
Hardly any of my real life friends or family run their own business and they just don't GET IT.

Having back up and a community of like-minded entrepreneurs,
Who also are practicing their Inner Game is like finding a Diamond Mine

commit to The
Inner Work so The Outer Work Gets Easier

This Journey is really about getting to understand ourselves better, more deeply, to be able to accept and be kind to ourselves.
Using the Tapping Tools makes this journey more enlightening than you could imagine. 

Become The Real YOU in Your Business

Practice The Tools

Create lasting good habits of using Tapping regularly is the fastest and simplest way to deeper self awareness and creating flow and getting unstuck. 

Powerful Tools

I have developed a system of simple Tapping and Mindset tools to keep us out of overwhelm, clear blocks that hold us back


Being part of a group keeps us gently on track and accountable.
We all work better with encouragement and support.

Fun & Laughter

Inner work sounds like it might be serious but it really isnt.
Getting to take ourselves lightly can be so much fun

I Am Honoured To Be Your Guide

Kay Ash-Lee- Founder of Mistress your Mindset

I am Kay Ash-Lee,  an advanced Emotional Freedom Technique practitioner from the South Coast of England.

This simple tool has never ceased to amaze me with its power to transform.   My passion is to teach you how to use this & other tools for yourself so you can feel more confident to manage your emotions and begin to clear the blocks that are keeping you stuck and not achieving those dreams and goals.  

My dream is to help thousands of entrepreneurs like you, to get out of the overwhelm and negative beliefs that are getting in your way to being fully YOU in your life and business.  This comes from a lifetime of finding ways to help myself with anxiety, bouts of depression and panic.  

Along the way I have also trained as a Meditation Teacher, a Reiki Master and in Human Design. I love being out in nature, preferably in the sunshine. 

What Is In The Diamond Membership


Weekly Group Sessions where we can share, receive coaching/guidance from me and then I will lead us in a Group Tapping session. These are such valuable times

at your own pace

This is not a course but a journey and a resource.
See it as Gym membership for your inner self. We will focus on different topics each month but you can work on and bring any topic to the coaching. 

resource Library 

You will have access to a Growing library of recorded Tapping Videos, Audios, Mindset exercises and Meditations.
You will be part of informing just what goes into this library

Thursday Live Focus Tap

Every week I stream live into our private group. You are invited to leave your feelings and thoughts in our group chat an hour before the live so i can tailor each one to the needs of the group. 

Mistressclass Library

A Library of classes on topics designed to create greater confidence and self awareness.
A deeper dive into your buisness.

Tapping Request Form

Our growing Tapping library holds many guided Tap along videos for you to just pick one and Tap along. But if there is a topic or issue not covered you can request one.


Private Members Lounge

We have our own private Facebook Group where we can chat, share and learn.
The content will be housed in here in the guides for easy access.

25% Discount on Power Sessions & 1 to 1s

At times you may wish to have some bespoke sessions with me and I want to help support you in this by honouring your commitment and keeping it affordable

Guided Classes and Workshops

The 30 Second Reset
EFT Mini Course
Freedom to Sell without Feeling Salesy
Tapping into your Creative Power
Break Free from Imposter Syndrome
Gain a Business Boost
Standing Strong in your Business
Overcoming Overwhelm
Mistress your Business Fears
Being The Real You with Your Family

Grandmothered in to the Special Founders Price

You may have realised there is an a lot included in the price. As we grow the price will increase but not for you for as long as you remain a member your price will stay at $22

This is about to go up... so no time like the present if you feel you have a missing piece in your business.  

 Only $22 a month 

The Inner Journey has been the most Valuable of my Life
Please see what other say too...

 When I decided to join, I never, in a million years could have predicted the journey of self discovery that I’d be on. xx

Rachel Jackson
Rachel Jane Home Fragrance

 Thank you Kay Ash-Lee 💝 working with you in your Diamond group has far exceeded my expectations.

  This morning, being able to process trauma with love, ease and grace.

 Being open, trusting and feeling in my flow, chipping away at whatever holds me back.

This work, these tools and skills and your coaching is priceless 💖

 Seriously, this is the best investment I've made in myself.

Thank you with all my heart 💞 for your guidance and support on this journey.

 What a wonderful gift you have. You are going to change so many lives

Gail Bushbaker
Simply Service by Gail

I was think this the other day. If I didn’t have Kay, my mindset wouldn’t be so strong and neither would my business!

Emma Whalley
Facebook Groups Mentor

"Tapping, and The 30 Second Reset has helped my mental health and helped me heal a lot of personal blocks around burning out.

Without this work I wouldn’t probably be in this point in my business that I am building, getting training and putting myself out there.

I use the 30 Second Reset in the morning & during the day.
If I have a task to do, and I notice that I am making excuses, I do a re-set.

This typically is enough to make a start on a task and usually when I get into the flow I get the job done and find it overall lighter and easier than I thought it would be.
Henna Bostrom

Gluten-Free Life Tweaks Blog

"Kay has a such a kind and understanding manner that you instantly feel at at ease.  

Due to the pandemic I was faced with the challenge of moving my business online and I was very daunted with this.

Kay has given me the confidence to put up my prices. I had a lot of anxiety about it but through a tapping session I  could see things more clearly with the fear lessened.  

Tapping has an amazing way of making you so relaxed even when you're really stressed out.  I now feel more confident  to move forward with my business ."
Claire McDaniels

Flute & Clarinet Teacher

"Having been taught the 30 Second Reset by Kay as part of a workshop on the benefits of tapping,  I can say this is my go-to exercise when I am feeling anxious and overwhelmed.  

It really helps me to focus and stop erratic thoughts taking over.  
It helps me to feel grounded and more able to make decisions from a calmer place.

 it reminds me to be just in the moment and that is all I need to do at that moment.  It reminds me that my brain is just jumping up and down warning me of what could happen based on past experiences but that might not happen again  "

Julie Orr

Clinical Aromatherapist MIFPA

 Only $22 a month